Leave Your Job at Work – The Possible Antecedents of Work–Family Conflict Among Correctional Staff

Source: Eric G. Lambert, Kevin I. Minor, James B. Wells, Nancy L. Hogan, Prison Journal, Vol. 95 no. 1, March 2015
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From the abstract:
Even though work–family conflict has been linked to negative outcomes for both correctional facilities and staff, little research has been conducted on how workplace factors may be related to it. This study tested nine hypotheses based on the job demand–resource model. Ordinary least squares (OLS) regression analysis of survey data from 160 staff revealed that while most job demand variables (i.e., the role stressors of role conflict, role overload, and perceived dangerousness) predicted work–family conflict, the same did not hold for job resource variables (i.e., the workplace factors of job autonomy, supervision, job variety, instrumental communication, and integration).