Public Sector Organizations Must Prepare to Integrate Generation Z Workers

Source: Paula M. Singer and Paige Dodson, HR News, Vol. 80 no. 12, December 2014
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….Given the unique qualities of Generation Z, the question all organizations must ask and answer is how it will accommodate the new workers while continuing to attract and retain its current, already diverse workforce?

An immediate and ongoing challenge will be finding positions for Generation Z employees over the next two decades as economic insecurity and a general “live to work” attitude leads baby boomers to delay retirement. The youngest boomers won’t even reach the minimum age of 63 for collecting federal retirement benefits for another 15 years.

HR professionals will have to minimize potential tensions and disruptions from several other generational differences in values and work styles. However, public sector organizations that take generational characteristics into consideration when implementing programs for succession planning/knowledge transfer and engagement/retention will reap the rewards of a five-generational workforce. These factors merit further discussion…..