School Nurses Race to the Top: The Pilot Year of How One District’s School Nurses Revised Their Evaluation Process

Source: Louise Marie Haffke, Paula Damm, Barbara Cross, Journal of School Nursing, Vol. 30 no. 6, December 2014
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From the abstract:
During the 2013–2014 school year, the Shaker Heights, Ohio City school district was mandated to change its evaluation process as part of the Race to the Top initiative. Although not required by the federal or state Departments of Education, the Shaker Heights City school district tasked all members of their faculty and staff, including school nurses, to change their evaluation process in an effort to improve students’ performances and outcomes. This article chronicles how the Shaker Heights school nurses modified their evaluation process by adhering to the scopes and standards of school nursing as described by the American Nurses Association and National Association of School Nurses. Their revised evaluation tool could usefully serve as a model for school districts nationwide; it improves student outcomes, increases the professionalism of the school nurse specialty, increases administrative understanding of their role, and increases their accountability as independent health providers in the school.