Strategic budgeting instead of strategic planning

Source: Luther Cottrell Terrance, The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances, Vol. 27 no. 2, 2014
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From the abstract:
Purpose – This article aims to explain why sometimes separating strategic budgeting from strategic planning can be advantageous for library staff as a means of reshaping debate about operations. Strategic planning is a popular concern for library leaders of all types. Budgeting is commonly a component of the strategic planning process.
Design/methodology/approach – When, why and how to begin strategic budgeting conversations are explained with detail given toward seven specific goals appropriate for budgeting discussions above and beyond common strategic operational matters related to services, collections and/or facilities.
Findings – Consultant intervention, and restructuring periods, are clear times to introduce the concept of strategic budgeting to library staff. Fundamentally, however, immediate implementation of fiscal strategy development is recommended for a smooth and effective transitional process to take shape.
Originality/value – Budgeting does not have to a piece of overall strategic planning. Depending on the need or the focus of the organization, forsaking strategic planning in favor of strategic budgeting can be a superior program for the advancement of library initiatives.