Party of Lincoln Takes Aim at Black Voters – Georgia GOP rewrites laws to hedge against growing minority strength

Source: Lou Dubose, Washington Spectator, September 1, 2014

… In a state where African Americans make up 31 percent of the population, Democratic candidates, particularly those running for statewide office, are not competitive without the black vote. In any close election, African-American turnout determines which candidate prevails. … In November, Georgia’s restrictive ballot-access laws will get their first real test. … After Republicans won control of both houses of the General Assembly in 2004, they resorted to race as the primary criterion in drawing the congressional, legislative and even county commissioners’ districts, frequently “pairing” Democratic incumbents to force them to run against each other. They packed blacks into racially homogeneous districts and subdivided, where they could, those communities where whites and African Americans had built biracial coalitions of voters….