Balancing Employer and Employee Priorities – Insights From the 2014 Global Workforce and Global Talent Management and Rewards Studies

Source: Towers Watson, July 2014

At a Glance:
∙ The top drivers of employee attraction and retention continue to reflect the fundamentals — pay, security and career advancement.
∙ Given limited resources for employee reward programs, companies need to better differentiate both base salary increases and annual incentives.
∙ Employers seem to underestimate the importance of senior leadership and job security when it comes attracting and retaining employees….
The 2014 Global Workforce Study
Source: Towers Watson, August 2014

From the summary:
∙ Just four in 10 employees are highly engaged, so there is room for improvement.
∙ Regardless of employee age, base pay is the reason most frequently cited by employees for joining or leaving an organization.
∙ 41% of employees cite job security as a key reason to join an organization.

2014 Global Talent Management and Rewards Study
Source: Towers Watson, August 2014

From the summary:
∙ Attraction and retention drivers among employees have remained fairly steady, with base pay and career advancement continuing to be top priorities.
∙ Less than one-third (32%) of employers report that their organization has a formally articulated employment deal.
∙ Only 33% of employers say managers are effective at conducting career development discussions as part of the performance management process.