How Digital Healthcare Helps and Hurts Nurses

Source: Ergotron, 2014

From the press release:
More than one in ten nurses suffered injuries on the job in the last year; research highlights clinical desire for supportive design, equipment and training.

While U.S. healthcare continues its radical digital transformation, nurses continue to face legacy physical burdens that potentially impact the quality of patient care. A new independent survey released today and commissioned by Ergotron, a Nortek company, highlights many of the day-to-day difficulties nurses face with medical equipment, clinical workflow, electronic health records (EHRs), physical strain or injury and how these factors impact the delivery of quality patient care.

Of note, 60 percent of nurses worry that their job is negatively impacting their overall health, and one in ten nurses were injured on the job in the past year. Nurse injuries have been well documented, but what is often not addressed is how their injuries and physical discomfort directly affects patient care. The findings show:
– They are less friendly or engaging with their patients (22 percent)
– They have to modify or limit their activity/movement on the job (22 percent)
– They are distracted (17 percent)
– They needed more assistance from other staff (14 percent)…