A Win-Win for an All-In Nation: Changing the Economics of Communities of Color and Improving Social Security’s Long-Term Outlook

Source: Christian E. Weller and Farah Ahmad, Center for American Progress, August 25, 2014

From the summary:
…Social Security will pay promised benefits for decades to come, but it faces a long-term financial challenge: By 2033, promised benefit payments are expected to exceed Social Security’s income from payroll taxes and from its trust funds. Thankfully, there are solutions to combat this shortfall. One approach is to raise the living standards of working-age families in communities of color. Shrinking racial and ethnic gaps in economic and health outcomes can ultimately improve Social Security’s long-term finances and increase the economic security of both struggling communities of color and middle-class non-Hispanic whites. This efficiently achieves multiple policy goals at once, creating a win-win situation….