Latino Voices: The Impact of Crime and Criminal Justice Policies

Source: Californians for Safety and Justice, June 2014

From the summary:
Latino Voices: The Impact of Crime and Criminal Justice Policies on Latinos reveals that most public safety policies don’t align with many Latino needs and values – and highlights growing calls for change. Para leer el informe en español, haga clic aquí.

Despite representing a larger portion of California’s population than whites, Latinos are dramatically overrepresented as crime victims – and in our courts, jails and prisons. Research shows that Latinos receive harsher treatment in arrests, pretrial proceedings and sentencing than whites, even when charged with the same offenses. Other findings include:
Victims of Crime
∙ Latinos are murdered twice as much as whites in California — and more by strangers.
∙ Latinos are more likely to be shot and burglarized than whites.
∙ Hate crimes against Latinos rise as immigration increases.
∙ California Latinos experienced more repeat crimes than survivors overall.
∙ Half of Latino survivors are unaware of recovery services.
Unequal Treatment in the System
∙ Latinos awaiting trial were more likely to be denied bail, or their bail was set higher than African Americans or whites.
∙ Latinos were 44% more likely to be incarcerated than whites for the same crimes.
Latinos Support Change
∙ California Latino voters want officials to focus on less incarceration, not more
∙ They want more supervised probation and rehabilitationby a five-to-one margin over sending more people to jail/prison.
∙ Eight in 10 support shortening long sentences and using the savings for education, health services and prevention.