Trade Unions And Worker Cooperatives: Where Are We At?

Source: International Journal of Labour Research, Vol. 5 no. 2, 2013

From the abstract:
Last May, ACTRAV and the ILO cooperative branch held a seminar on the topic of relations between trade unions and worker cooperatives. The goal was to re-examine the relationship between the two movements by taking stock of recent initiatives around the world. To be sure, the relationship between trade unions and cooperatives is as long as the history of trade unions. In fact, it is fair to say that the first associations of workers that emerged in Europe looked more like cooperatives than trade unions.

Articles include:
Trade unions and cooperatives: The experience of CICOPA−Mercosur
José Orbaiceta

Workers’ cooperatives in Argentina: The Self-administered Workers’ Association
Bruno Dobrusin

Trade union support for labour cooperatives: An experiment in cooperation between Brazil and Canada
Pierre Patry, Claude Dorion, Arildo Mota Lopes, João Antônio Felício, Léopold Beaulieu and Jean Bergevin

Trade unions and worker cooperatives in Europe: A win–win relationship. Maximizing social and economic potential in worker cooperatives
Marina Monaco and Luca Pastorelli

An emerging solidarity: Worker cooperatives, unions, and the new union cooperative model in the United States
Rob Witherell

The experience of SYNDICOOP in Africa: A model for trade union action?
Stirling Smith