Playbook for Change? States Reconsider Mandatory Sentences

Source: Ram Subramanian, Ruth Delaney, Vera Institute of Justice, Center on Sentencing and Corrections, Policy Report, February 2014

From the abstract:
Since 2000, at least 29 states have taken steps to roll back mandatory sentences, with 32 bills passed in just the last five years. Most legislative activity has focused on adjusting penalties for nonviolent drug offenses through the use of one or a combination of the following reform approaches: 1) expanding judicial discretion through the creation of so-called “safety value” provisions, 2) limiting automatic sentence enhancements, and 3) repealing or revising mandatory minimum sentences. In this policy report, Vera’s Center on Sentencing and Corrections summarizes state-level mandatory sentencing reforms since 2000, raises questions about their impact, and offers recommendations to jurisdictions considering similar efforts.
Playbook for Change? (Report Summary)
Mandatory Sentences Timeline (Infographic)

The State of Sentencing 2013: Developments in Policy and Practice
Source: Nicole D. Porter, Sentencing Project, 2014