So How Was 2013? Progress Report: U.S. Metro Employment Growth

Source: Tom Tveidt, Garner Economics, February 2014

In this brief we examine current employment trends among the nation’s 372 metro areas.

… To get a more accurate measure of what really happened in 2013 we examined employment in each of the year’s twelve months and compared each to employment totals in the same month the year before. If employment was up year-over-year, then the metro was adding new jobs, and vice versa, if employment was lower, jobs were being lost. Our first observation is that 193 metros (52 percent) experienced positive year-over-year employment gains in every month of 2013. These metros grew at an average monthly pace of two percent. For these metros 2013 was a year of consistent growth. On the flip side though, we found eleven metros that experienced year-over-year employment losses in every month of the year. Monthly employment declines averaged-1.5 percent across the year. …