Local Government Collaboration: Considerations, Issues, and Prospects

Source: J. Edwin Benton, State and Local Government Review, Vol. 45 no. 4, December 2013
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From the abstract:
The purpose of this article is to lay a foundation for a better understanding of the nature of local government collaboration, the rationale for and pros and cons of entering into them, the considerations and issues that accompany these kinds of arrangements, and their prospects for success. Taking a closer look at local governments collaborative is particularly timely and relevant, given the lingering anguish associated with the great recession and the prospect for local governments having to adapt to the exigencies and challenges of providing services in what many in academia and government are projecting to be the new normal. While the five articles that follow will address many of the topics highlighted previously and hopefully provide more informed answers than lingering questions, additional, follow-up research and the development of best case scenarios will be both welcomed and warranted. …