Top 5 Reasons Young People Should Fight to Strengthen—Not Cut—Social Security

Source: Sarah Ayres, Center for American Progress, November 6, 2013

…If the claim that America’s senior citizens are engaged in a nefarious plot to steal from their grandchildren sounds implausible, that’s because it is. Just like the 37 million seniors today who benefit from Social Security, millions of young Americans also benefit from the program and millions more will rely on it in the future when they are no longer able to work. This is especially true as more and more young workers experience firsthand the erosion of the private retirement system.

That’s why young people today don’t seem convinced cuts to this vital program are warranted. In fact, public polling reveals that Millennials not only want to protect Social Security, they would actually like to see funding for the program increased more than older people would.

But young people can’t afford to sit by and let these attacks continue. Here are five reasons Millennials should fight to strengthen—not cut—Social Security.
1. Millennials will need Social Security to retire—maybe even more than their parents….
2. Conservative attacks pose the most serious threat to Social Security….
3. Social Security benefits workers of all ages, including nearly 3.5 million Millennials who currently receive benefits….
4. Social Security eases the financial burden of seniors’ retirement on their children….
5. We can invest in Millennials and also pay for Social Security….

…Young people are not struggling today because our government is spending too much money on Social Security for our grandparents. Young Americans are struggling because the economy is growing too slowly and creating too few jobs, leading to double-digit unemployment rates for workers under age 25, many of whom are already saddled with crippling student-loan debt. Millennials desperately need policies that invest in job creation and economic opportunities for our generation. Instead, young people get lawmakers who are fixated on austerity at the expense of economic growth and monied interests peddling the same stale scare tactics invented by the Republicans who tried to thwart Social Security’s creation in 1935….