Today’s Employees No Longer Look Like Don Draper, So Why is Work Still Designed for Him?

Source: Lindsey Trimble O’Connor, Christin L. Munsch, Huffington Post, November 5, 2013

…To recruit and retain the best people for the job, companies need to catch up with the changing realities of today’s workforce. They need to provide opportunities for employees to have full work and home lives, without repercussions for doing so. For one, they could create a workplace culture which rewards tangible results rather than face time and long hours. This kind of change won’t just help workers. Research shows that reducing work-life conflict improves employees’ health while lowering absenteeism and turnover. Such policies also encourage workers to identify and eliminate low-value, busy work that wastes company resources.

Today’s workplaces should treat workers with personal responsibilities outside of work as the rule rather than the exception. Despite Don Draper’s allure, his archetype should have about as much of an effect on the modern workplace as the three-martini lunch. …