State-by-State Estimates of the Number of People Eligible for Premium Tax Credits Under the Affordable Care Act

Source: Gary Claxton, Larry Levitt, Anthony Damico, Rachel Garfield, Nirmita Panchal, Cynthia Cox and Matthew Rae, Kaiser Family Foundation, Issue Brief, November 2013

Key provisions of the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) create new Marketplaces for people who purchase insurance directly and provide new premium tax credits to help people with low or moderate incomes afford that coverage. We estimate that about 17 million people who are now uninsured or who buy insurance on their own (“nongroup purchasers”) will be eligible for premium tax credits in 2014. This
issue brief provides national and state estimates for tax credit eligibility for people in these groups. We also estimate that about 29 million people nationally could look to new Marketplaces as a place to purchase coverage…