District cuts vehicle breakdowns by 50%, crashes by 35%

Source: Jack Chavdarian, School Bus Fleet, October 3, 2013

Investing time in maintenance and money in better equipment for school buses has not only improved the performance of Prince William County Public Schools’ fleet, it has cut costs significantly…. Cutting costs started with examination of data from a crash review board. The operation wanted to determine if bus design or maintenance had an impact on the numbers or types of crashes taking place. Data from the maintenance management system were also studied to see where the biggest expenditures were, and what types of common faults were being experienced.

The fuel management system was next on the list; fuel consumption data for every vehicle in the fleet were observed to identify any abnormalities that caused expenses.

As a result, four areas were identified where significant costs were cut: major component replacement on mostly engines, expenditures on tires, expenditures on batteries and expenditures on brakes….