States Ponder Costs, Benefits Of Film Incentives

Source: Julie Rose, NPR, September 24, 2013

… About 40 states offer some sort of incentive to lure Hollywood productions to their precincts. But some have begun to wonder if they’re getting their money’s worth. …. In a number of states, including North Carolina, film companies get far more money from the state’s coffers than they actually pay in sales and payroll taxes. …. Studies by think tanks across the political spectrum say states could get more bang for their buck with a general tax cut. And lawmakers in many states are taking note….
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State-by-State Film & Television Economic Contribution
Source: Motion Picture Association of America, 2013

The production and distribution of films and television programs is one of the nation’s most valuable cultural and economic resources. The industry is a major private sector employer across the nation, with salaries above the national average. The industry is a nationwide network of tens of thousands of small businesses, located in every state in the country, the majority of which employ ten people or fewer. The industry is heavily reliant on vendors in other industries all over the country. Each year, film and television production activity takes place in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico….

State Film Incentives – State Legislation
Source: SAG-AFTRA, 2013

Important note: It is important to remember that due to legislature schedules, funding allotments and changes in state revenues, state incentive information is subject to change rapidly.