Surveillance at Work

Source: Workplace Fairness, 2013

Recently Workplace Fairness updated its Q&A page on the legality of various potential surveillance practices at work…

This page provides answers to the following questions
1. Can my employer videotape me?
2. Can my employer videotape me changing in the locker room or other private area with a hidden camera?
3. Can my employer audiotape me?
4. Can my employer monitor my telephone calls?
5. Can my employer listen to messages on my voice mail?
6. Can my employer monitor my voice messages if I have deleted them?
7. Can my employer read my postal mail
8. Can my employer monitor my computer and e-mail activities?
9. Can an employer track my movements, speed, and/or break-time using GPS devices?
10. What other types of mechanisms are employers using to monitor employees, and is my employer allowed to use them?
11. I feel that my employer has violated my privacy rights. What can I do?