Breaking Bad: Ohio tax breaks escape scrutiny

Source: Zach Schiller, Policy Matters Ohio, June 2013

From the summary:
The Ohio General Assembly soon will approve a new two-year state budget. But so far, instead of closely reviewing the 129 tax exemptions, deductions and credits that reduce the amount of revenue the state would otherwise receive, it is adding to them.

• Ohio’s 129 tax exemptions, deductions and credits, worth $7.7 billion a year, are similar in number and size to two years ago.
• Despite repeal of taxes that should have cut 44 tax expenditures, the number of such breaks is not much lower today than 10 years ago.
• Most tax expenditures go to businesses.
• There is no regular review of tax breaks.
• The Senate budget bill includes a dozen new or expanded tax breaks, but would repeal only two.