Municipal Procurement Process Improvements Yield Cost-Effective Public Benefits

Source: Richard F. Anderson, United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) Water Council, March 2013

From the press release:
Today, the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM) released a report that shows how efficient procurement practices can reduce public infrastructure costs allowing local government to contain costs and reduce the need to increase consumer rates. Prepared by the USCM Mayors Water Council, the report…focuses on the short-comings of traditional procurement practices, and uses procurement of public water and wastewater pipes to illustrate the benefits of applying life-cycle analysis to identify pipe materials that offer cost savings and extend the useful design performance of the system….The aging underground pipe systems in North America experience over 300,000 water main breaks each year, costing the economy some $50 billion in lost water, energy costs and repair and replacement. There is much room for materials cost improvement in this sector. Several cities are noted in the report (Pleasanton, CA; Indianapolis, IN, Schenectady, NY) for their efforts to open the local procurement process to find efficiencies by challenging traditional materials selection criteria….