How Tennessee Plans to Solve Its IT Problems

Source: Heather Kerrigan, Governing, May 15, 2013

In an effort to keep employees and their skills up to date, the Volunteer State is urging 1,600 IT workers to reapply for their jobs….Every government struggles to keep up with technology innovations these days. Blame budgets. Blame project management. Blame the talent. Regardless of the reasons, it is important to keep employees and their skills up to date — that’s what Tennessee learned after a number of failed IT projects. As a result, the state re-envisioned its workforce. To do this, CIO Mark Bengel and his team worked with a consultant to review 1,600 IT positions across the state, determining what skills they had and where there are gaps. This kicked off a reclassification for every employee, which will essentially open up all 1,600 positions to competitive bid and urge employees to reapply for the new positions. All this will all take place over the next 18-24 months….
What Tennessee Can Learn About Asking Employees to Reapply for Their Jobs
Source: Heather Kerrigan, Governing, June 12, 2013