300 Million Engines of Growth: A Middle-Out Plan for Jobs, Business, and a Growing Economy

Source: Jennifer Erickson and Michael Ettlinger, Center for American Progress, June 2013

From the introduction:
This report lays out a wide-ranging plan for economic progress. It is a plan that encompasses investment and reform. It is a plan that proposes doing more of some things but, importantly, it is a plan to do more things well.

The agenda presented here is based on what we know makes an economy grow and prosper and what we know are the keys to good jobs and a good quality of life, including:
– A well-educated, secure, and growing middle class that underpins strong demand, entrepreneurialism, innovation, and productivity
– Greater private and public investments deployed more strategically
– A fair playing field for business and workers, both domestically and internationally
– Leadership in science and technology
– Effective institutions and governance

…This report describes a set of proposals across a range of areas from education to innovation and infrastructure that are actionable now and would be an important step to putting us on that path. We divide our policies into two categories: those that strengthen the American people and give them the capability to succeed, and those that build an economic and business environment that puts these talents to use and rewards them. The policies described in this report are numerous and range in scope, interacting and accumulating to form a plan that will boost U.S. economic growth and generate the good jobs that underpin widely shared prosperity. We summarize below the key problems we are seeking to address, the approach we take to their solution, and examples of the policies that we propose. The rest of this report offers a more detailed analysis of the problems and the full range of recommended policies….

Chapters include:
Strengthening the American people
Make the United States first in education
Advance primary and secondary education
Advance postsecondary education
Raise workplace standards
Realize the potential of immigration

Strengthening the economic environment

Create the mechanisms for an adaptive national economic strategy
Lead in clean and efficient energy
Promote science and technology research and development
Balance trade
Rebuild our infrastructure
Restore the housing cornerstone
Ensure capital is available for growth
Construct a responsible, pro-growth tax and budget policy