Unionism, Job Security, and Quality of Output: A Dilemma?

Source: Abraham L. Gitlow and Howard S. Gitlow, Labor Law Journal, Vol. 64 no. 1, Spring 2013
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Our purpose is to explore the vital impact of labor-management relations on quality consciousness (i.e., the ability to produce quality products and services in a quality environment), and to propose a view of labor-management relations which promotes quality consciousness. Our view requires the substitution of cooperation for conflict in labor management relations: not a new idea, but one that has yet to be implemented widely, if it is to replace the traditional adversarial one that has prevailed. The substitution involves discussing: (1) the basic problem of job security, (2) the perceived conflicts between job security and the requirements for achieving quality, (3) some plans for improving labor-management relations, (4) a comparison of those plans, and (5) a cooperative approach to labor-management relations. Finally, a look is taken at the implications of the cooperative approach for labor, and at the prospect of that approach being adopted. …