Healthcare Reform and the County Criminal Justice Systems

Source: Community Resources for Justice, April 5, 2013 and April 18, 2013

Description: Healthcare Reform and County Criminal Justice Systems, the first in a series, will provide an overview on how the upcoming changes in the California healthcare system will impact local criminal justice systems. Speakers will discuss the relationship between healthcare and the criminal justice population. There will be a comparison of healthcare today and healthcare in the years to come under the Affordable Care Act. Speakers will highlight efforts that counties can take today to further maximize existing resources and address the healthcare needs of the criminal justice population. …

Materials by session:
Health Care Reform and County Criminal Justice Systems: An introduction to health care reform and the opportunities and challenges for county criminal justice systems, April 5, 2013
Health Care Reform and County Criminal Justice Systems, April 18, 2013
Health Coverage Enrollment Toolkit, Californians for Safety and Justice
Public Health and Public Safety
Medicaid Coverage for Individuals in Jail Pending Disposition: Opportunities for Improved Health and Health Care at Lower Costs, Marsha Regenstein, PhD and Jade Christie Maples, Department of Health Policy, School of Public Health and Public Services, George Washington University. November 2012.
Who’s in Jail?, Community Oriented Correctional Health Services
Medicaid and Criminal Justice: The Need for Cross-System Collaboration Post Health Care Reform, Allison Hamblin, Stephen A. Somers, Sheree Neese-Todd and Roopa Mahadevan of the Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.
Medicaid Expansion and The Local Criminal Justice System, Michael DuBose for American Jails MAgazine, November-December 2011
Healthcare for Today and Tomorrow
Health Care Reform & Medi-Cal: Looking to 2014, Len Finocchio, DrPH, Associate Director of California Department of Healthcare Services
Covered California Overview, David Panush Director External Affairs, Covered California
Framework Development
County Jails and the Affordable Healthcare Act: Enrolling Eligible Individuals in Health Coverage, NACo
Counties and Medi-Cal for Inmates: Current Rules/Future Considerations, Cathy Senderling-McDonald, CWDA