Reinventing Transit: A Blueprint for Investing in Regional Transportation Authorities for Strong Gateway City Economies

Source: Benjamin Forman, Catherine Tumber, MassINC, Gateway Cities Innovation Institute, Concept Paper, March 2013

From the press release:
Inadequate public transit in Gateway cities, with service gaps for workers and double time commutes, contributes to labor force participation rates that are well below the state’s average, according to a new MassINC report released today. The report, entitled, “Reinventing Transit: Investing in Public Transportation for Strong Gateway City Economies,” suggests the proposed increased in funding for Regional Transit Authorities (RTA’s) can address this problem if used toward service expansion and improvements that are tied to economic growth and supported by ongoing reforms such as performance metrics and transparency….In its strategic plan, “The Way Forward,” MassDOT recommends a $100 million annual increase in state support for RTA’s. MassINC’s report suggests this funding can make a real difference if deployed strategically and could have an impact on short and long-term economic growth. The report shows a direct correlation between service expansion and increased labor force participation as well as longer term impacts such as expanding housing supply, supporting efficient land use patterns, and increasing local consumer spending power. …