Projections of the Long-Term Growth of the Registered Nurse Workforce: A Regional Analysis

Source: Peter I. Buerhaus, Ulrike Muench, David I. Auerbach, Douglas O. Staiger, Nursing Economics, Vol. 31 no. 1, January-February 2013

From the summary:
– Providing regional projections of the RN workforce will allow underlying differences in the age structure of the RN workforce to become more visible.
– By providing regional-level projections, it will also be possible to identify those regions whose RN workforce is expected to grow at a slower rate relative to other regions.
– States in the South and Midwest have a greater supply of younger-aged RNs available to replace fewer numbers of older-age RNs compared to other regions.
– In contrast, the Northeast and West have fewer younger RNs currently in their workforce yet a relatively larger number of older age RNs to replace.
– These differences in age structure may be partly due to differences in nursing school enrollment and expansion in nursing education capacity across regions.
– This information can help guide national and state health work-force planners, employers, educators, and others in developing policies and initiatives that may impact nursing supply in their states.