The Hidden Cost Of Offshore Tax Havens: State Budgets Under Pressure From Tax Loophole Abuse

Source: Jordan Schneider and Elizabeth Ridlington, Phineas Baxandall and Dan Smith, U.S. Pirg Education Fund, January 2013 
From the summary:
When U.S. corporations and wealthy individuals use offshore tax havens to avoid paying taxes to the federal government, it is an abuse of our tax system. Tax haven abusers benefit from our markets, infrastructure, educated workforce, and security, but they pay next to nothing for these benefits. Ultimately, taxpayers must pick up the tab, either in the form of higher taxes, cuts to public spending priorities, or increased national debt.

Tax havens are countries or jurisdictions with minimal or no taxes. Corporations and individuals shift earnings to financial institutions in these countries to reduce their U.S. income tax liability – costing the federal government $150 billion in lost revenues each year….

In 2011, states lost approximately $39.8 billion in tax revenues from corporations and wealthy individuals who sheltered money in foreign tax havens. Multinational corporations account for more than $26 billion of the lost tax revenue, and wealthy individuals account for the rest….
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