Salary Freezes Begin To Thaw, Turnover Rockets Upward

Source: Mark Hrywna, Nonprofit Times, February 1, 2013

…Salary freezes have been a common story across the country. But now four years after the national economy began its plunge, some nonprofits are beginning to open the purse strings – at least a little – when it comes to salary increases, for both general staff and executives.

Nonprofit staff were the beneficiaries of a projected 3.03 percent average salary increase during 2012, slightly less than the average 3.35 percent hike in 2011, and on par with executive staff increases of 3.33 percent, according to results of The NonProfit Times/Bluewater Solutions Nonprofit Organizations Salary &
Benefits Report.

The highest average annual salary found within the survey was $229,237, for a chief scientific officer, roughly 10 times more than the lowest annual salary of $21,345, for a pre-school/kindergarten teaching assistant…