Reports of Exempt Organizations

Source: Public.Resource.Org,, 2013

Welcome! This service provides bulk access to 6,749,562 filings of exempt organizations to the Internal Revenue Service. Each month, we process DVDs from the IRS for Private Foundations (Type PF), Exempt Organizations (Type EO), and unrelated business income (Type T).

We have more information available about this service, as well as pages explaining the privacy issues, a program of data extraction, and a deed of gift to the U.S. Government asking them to take this service over. Every government-issued public document deserves a secure permanent URL in .gov!

About This Service
1. What’s In the IRS Database
2. What Format We Get The Data In
3. What We Do With The Data
4. What You Can Do With The Data
5. What Needs To Happen Next
IRS 990s
Source: Internet Archive

Information for Impact: Liberating Nonprofit Sector Data
Source: Beth Simone Noveck and Daniel L. Gorof, Aspen Institute, Publication Number: 13-004, 2013