Helping Compensation Catch Up

Source: Paula M. Singer and Lorraine Kituri, HR News, Vol. 79 no. 2, February 2013
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… But despite significant shifts in management philosophies, perspectives and practices within public sector organizations, the model for employee compensation has largely remained stuck in the past… Of course, one of the most difficult challenges we face in bringing new thinking to public sector compensation is the Catch 22 of needing to make change during a financial crunch—when, historically, the solution has been to cut personnel, cut hours, mandate furlough days or cut pay. Following are five critical ideas about moving compensation forward in the public sector that are not reliant on external forces for success….
Practice #1: Help Leadership Understand the Complete Compensation Picture
Practice #2: Breakout of the Compensation = Retention Box
Practice #3: Talk Openly About Reality
Practice #4: Consider Creative Pay Structures
Practice #5: Participate More Actively in the Compensation Conversation…