Room for Debate: Should Social Security Cuts Be on the Table? (5 essays)

Source: New York Times, January 2, 2013

Leave It Alone; It’s Irrelevant To The Deficit By Dean Baker, Center For Economic And Policy Research
Social Security, with its own revenue, is totally separate from the budget. Our large deficits were caused by the collapse of the housing bubble.

Act Now To Prevent Future Debt By Alice Rivlin, Former Federal Budget Official
Modest adjustments would prevent an increase in debt as revenue from workers continues to fall short of what’s needed to pay benefits.

No Need To Cut The Little That Recipients Get By Jeff Madrick, Roosevelt Institute
A modest increase in payroll taxes and a slight rise in the incomes covered by those taxes will largely take care of any future shortfall.

Major Changes Are Needed By Andrew Biggs, American Enterprise Institute
Raising the retirement age and other measures would guarantee the program’s solvency and ease our debt burden.

Too Important To Ignore By Alicia H. Munnell, Center For Retirement Research
Fear for the system’s future, as outlays are projected to exceed income, leads many to retire early, with reduced benefits.