The Character of American Workers: Psychological Predictors of Union Interest as Tools for American Union Practitioners

Source: Steven Mellor, Leslie M. Golay, Michael D. Tuller, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, Volume 24, Issue 2, June 2012
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From the abstract:
To aid American union practitioners in the selection of winnable worksites in unionization elections, we identified predictors of union interest from psychological perspectives that bear on the character of American workers. Using perceived union instrumentality as a standard to determine the prediction status of new psychological predictors of union interest, a cognitive version of self-enhancement (overconfidence in rating one’s skills and abilities) was found to predict interest above and beyond perceived instrumentality in a sample of American nonunion employees (N = 452), controlling for social desirability, demographic and structural predictors, and other hypothesized predictors in a six-step hierarchical regression equation. Implications for selecting winnable election worksites and for predicting psychological aspects of union interest are discussed.

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