Findings Of The NCAL 2011 Assisted Living Staff Vacancy, Retention And Turnover Survey

Source: National Center for Assisted Living, October 2012

The 2011 Assisted Living Staff Vacancy, Retention and Turnover Survey is a nationwide study to collect retention, vacancy and turnover information among assisted living employees in five major job categories and sixteen job positions, including: administrative and management staff (Administrator/Executive Director, Director of Marketing, and other office staff), nursing staff (Director of Nursing/ Wellness and Director of Resident Services, Staff Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant, Non-Certified Resident Caregiver, Medication Aide, and other nursing staff), food services staff (Dietician Director/Head Chef and Dietician Aide/Dining Staff), housekeeping and maintenance staff (Housekeeper and Maintenance Worker), and social activities staff (Director of Activities and Activity Staff) (see Table 1). The survey questionnaire (see Appendix) was available on the NCAL web site for all eligible assisted living communities in the United States to complete using data from 2011. Approximately 370 assisted living communities nationwide participated in this survey.

In this report, results are presented on two aggregated levels: job category level and job position level. Retention rate, vacancy rate, and turnover rate for all five job categories (see Table 1) were reported. Results are also presented for nursing job positions.

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