2012 List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor

Source: U.S. Department Of Labor’s Bureau Of International Labor Affairs Office Of Child Labor, Forced Labor, And Human Trafficking, September 2012

This edition of the List adds four new goods and three new countries to the List. The List now includes a total of 134 goods from 74 countries. Given the current state of research on child labor and forced labor, the List – while as comprehensive as possible – includes only those goods for which ILAB is able to document that there is reason to believe that child or forced labor is used in their production. It is likely that many more goods are produced through these forms of labor abuse. This report is divided into four parts. In addition to DOL’s mandate and the research purpose, Part 1 of this report describes the research focus, including the population of interest, definitions of child labor and forced labor, the sectors and types of employment, the stages of production and the ultimate consumption of the goods (export or domestic). Part 2 outlines the research methodology, including the criteria used to analyze data sources and make determinations regarding additions to or removals from the List. This section also discusses the role that governments, the private sector and workers and civil society can play in eliminating child labor and forced labor in the production of goods. Part 3 presents the results of this year’s research and includes a brief analysis of trends observed since ILAB began producing the List in 2009. Part 4 places the results of the research in a broader context and concludes with a discussion about important efforts that are ongoing or are needed to advance efforts to eliminate child and forced labor in the production of goods.
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Current Countries and Products (XLS)
Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor

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