Symposium: Public Sector Labor Law At The Crossroads

Source: University Of Toledo Law Review, Vol. 43 no. 3, Spring 2012

Articles include:
The Rise and Fall of SB-5: The Rejection of an Anti-Union Law in Historical and Political Context, by Joseph E. Slater

Privatizing Government Services in the Era of ALEC and the Great Recession, by Ellen Dannin

Compensation, Employment Security, and the Economics of Public Sector Labor Law, by Matthew Dimick

Teaching for America: Unions and Academic Freedom, by Charlotte Garden

The Chill of a Wintry Light? Borough of Duryea v. Guarnieri and the Right to Petition in Public Employment, by William A. Herbert

Southern Solutions for Wisconsin Woes, by Anne C. Hodges

Binding Arbitration as a Means of Settling Public Sector Union Contracts: A Process with an Image Problem?, by Michelle T. Sullivan

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