Is Social Media Changing the Generations or are the Generations Changing Social Media?

Source: Sonja Stanchina, Anita Asher, HR News Vol. 78 no. 8, August 2012
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…Great-grandmothers are no longer sitting in their rocking chairs knitting and reminiscing about bygone days. They now have their own iPads, Facebook pages and twitter accounts, and are Skyping, actively creating new memories through social media. And their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are leading the efforts for more change…. Technological advances, including social media, are here to stay and those advances will continue to change the workplace. This means that while the next generation of HR professionals grew up with technology, the seasoned HR professionals who genuinely desire to remain proficient in the competencies must adapt and learn new skills. The good news is that learning these new skills can bring about tremendous benefits. Conversely, these changes in our work environment are resulting in new issues and concerns which necessitate policy creation or, at a minimum, guideline consideration.

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