Challenges Facing The Safety Net

Source: Health Affairs, Vol. 31 no. 8, August 2012
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The Safety Net, Medicaid, And A ‘Two-State Solution’?

by Susan Dentzer

Other than the nation’s uninsured, perhaps no set of people or entities had a bigger stake in the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act than the “safety net”–the subject of this month’s thematic issue of Health Affairs. The nation’s patched-together semi-system of hospitals, clinics, and dedicated clinicians caring for the poor and uninsured stood to see millions gain coverage with the law’s implementation–or those hopes utterly dashed if the law were struck down by the Court.

Now, in the wake of the Court’s decision, another option has emerged: that safety-net providers in some states will see their hopes realized, and others won’t.

Articles include:
The Affordable Care Act Largely Survives The Supreme Court’s Scrutiny–But Barely
by Timothy Stoltzfus Jost

The Supreme Court’s Surprising Decision On The Medicaid Expansion: How Will The Federal Government And States Proceed?
by Sara Rosenbaum and Timothy M. Westmoreland

Strained Local And State Government Finances Among Current Realities That Threaten Public Hospitals’ Profitability

by Nancy M. Kane, Sara J. Singer, Jonathan R. Clark, Kristof Eeckloo, and Melissa Valentine

How Five Leading Safety-Net Hospitals Are Preparing For The Challenges And Opportunities Of Health Care Reform

by Teresa A. Coughlin, Sharon K. Long, Edward Sheen, and Jennifer Tolbert

Case Studies At Denver Health: ‘Patient Dumping’ In The Emergency Department Despite EMTALA, The Law That Banned It
by Sara Rosenbaum, Lara Cartwright-Smith, Joel Hirsh, and Philip S. Mehler

Increase In Federal Match Associated With Significant Gains In Coverage For Children Through Medicaid And CHIP
by Stephen W. Patrick, Hwajung Choi, and Matthew M. Davis

In The Wake Of The Supreme Court Decision, Many Stakeholders Still Support The Affordable Care Act
by Joel Ario and Lawrence R. Jacobs

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