Civil Service Reform: Lessons from Georgia and Indiana

Source: Heather Kerrigan, Governing, June 13, 2012

Several states this year are changing how public employees are hired and fired. They may be able to learn a thing or two from states that already have…. Does reform increase the cronyism that civil service protections are meant to prevent? Or does it increase performance and productivity by making the hiring process more flexible?…While Sarvis gives civil service reform in the Peach State a generally positive review, Dr. Paul Battaglio, associate professor of public affairs at the University of Texas-Dallas, paints a more negative picture. In a 2006 survey of more than 250 Georgia human resource professionals, Battaglio found that most “felt [at-will employment] created a less-trusting environment. They felt they could no longer trust their managers and supervisors, and they found the environment was less motivational,” he says. Motivation, typically required for productivity, is often cited as an argument in favor of civil service reform. But Battaglio says there’s no evidence that at-will employment increases productivity and performance…
Civil Service Reform Passes in 3 States
Source: Melissa Maynard,, June 12, 2012

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