Chain of Greed: How Walmart's Domestic Outsourcing Produces Everyday Low Wages and Poor Working Conditions for Warehouse Workers

Source: Eunice Hyunhye Cho, Anastasia Christman, Maurice Emsellem, Catherine K. Ruckelshaus, Rebecca Smith, National Employment Law Project, June 2012

Few U.S. corporations have attracted more intense scrutiny of their business and labor practices than Walmart. However, while poor working conditions and wage violations among the company’s retail employees have been documented and worker rights violations attributed to Walmart’s international suppliers well publicized, far less understood are the pervasive labor abuses that take place outside of Walmart’s stores but in its domestic supply chain, in service of its bottom line here in the U.S. These worker rights violations are largely the product of Walmart’s signature and aggressive practice of “outsourcing” elements of its warehousing, transportation, and goods-delivery systems to companies that, in turn, often further subcontract the work to still other entities or individuals.

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