The Job Impacts of Cuts to the Food Assistance Program

Source: Jeffrey Thompson and Heidi Garrett-Peltier, Center for American Progress, March 2012

From the abstract:
With long-term unemployment still high, and with overall unemployment expected to drop only slowly for several more years, cutting SNAP is likely to do significant harm to millions of families and workers. But there is a reasonable probability that such cuts will be proposed in the FY 2013 House leadership budget proposal. If cuts are proposed, this study offers policymakers a tool to estimate the employment consequences that will result. The study estimates that:
– Each $1 billion reduction in SNAP eliminates 13,718 jobs
– A ten percent reduction in the size of SNAP would cause more than 96,000 job losses
– These losses would be particularly strong in food-related industries, which would lose as many as 11,000 jobs under a 10 percent cut to the SNAP program
– Job losses will likely have the greatest impact on younger workers, since they account for a disproportionate share of workers in food-related industries

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