Infrastructure 2012 – Spotlight on Leadership

Source: Jonathan D. Miller, Deborah Myerson, Rachel MacCleery, Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young, 2012

…In this year’s report, we highlight examples of infrastructure leadership, exploring how six u.s. regions are approaching infrastructure in the new economy. Infrastructure 2012 also examines key trends influencing infrastructure globally and reviews the massive projects underway in the rapidly urbanizing and developing countries of china, India, and Brazil….. …Aggressive government belt-tightening and financial market deleveraging restrain worldwide infrastructure investments for 2012 and probably the next five years. the need to invest the dollars that are available on projects that have the greatest effect on economic productivity, real estate demand, and global competitive position has never been more urgent. However, financial austerity and political fractures can stand in the way of better infrastructure decision making…. In the United States, tightened budgets and daunting challenges begin to force government officials to rethink infrastructure
approaches, especially at state and local levels where the already heavy funding burden is growing. they can no longer depend on generous handouts from a congress embroiled in partisan battling over the depth of federal deficit reduction…

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