Special Issue on Diversity

Source: Critical Sociology, Vol. 37 no. 5, September 2011
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From From Affirmative Action to Diversity: Erasing Inequality from Organizational Responsibility:
Over the last several decades, the term ‘diversity’ in the USA increasingly stands for American tolerance, equality, and respect for cultural differences. At the same time, the reality of racial, ethnic and gender inequalities within American institutions have been increasingly obscured in the name of diversity. Our authors make an important contribution to our understanding of the diversity ideology and issues of equity in the 21st century. Authors here explore the shifting stance toward inequality in the USA measured in work settings (Sharon Collins, David Embrick, and Marlese Durr and Adia Wingfield), in the dynamics of higher education (Ellen Berrey, Wendy Moore and Joyce Bell), and in white racial attitudes (Amir Marvasti and Karyn D. McKinney, Nancy Ditomaso). Exploring the issue of diversity as it relates to contemporary forms and maintenance of racial and gender inequalities the authors empirically illustrate the fact that the concept and practice of diversity does not necessarily translate into racial and gender equality. Independently, they show how diversity is constructed in American business and educational institutions and used in the everyday beliefs of mainstream Americans. As a collective, they expose diversity as an ideological counter-point to the race-based policy and practice of affirmative action in an era of color-blind racism. This issue examines the conundrum of diversity in the post-civil rights era….

Articles include:
The Assault on Workers’ Rights – David Fasenfest –
From Affirmative Action to Diversity: Erasing Inequality from Organizational Responsibility – Sharon M. Collins
Diversity in the Post Affirmative Action Labor Market: A Proxy for Racial Progress? – Sharon M. Collins
The Diversity Ideology in the Business World: A New Oppression for a New Age – David G. Embrick
Keep Your ‘N’ in Check: African American Women and the Interactive Effects of Etiquette and Emotional Labor – Marlese Durr and Adia M. Harvey Wingfield
Why Diversity Became Orthodox in Higher Education, and How it Changed the Meaning of Race on Campus – Ellen C. Berrey
Maneuvers of Whiteness: ‘Diversity’ as a Mechanism of Retrenchment in the Affirmative Action Discourse – Wendy Leo Moore and Joyce M. Bell
White Attitudes toward Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action – Nancy DiTomaso, Rochelle Parks-Yancy, and Corinne Post
Does Diversity Mean Assimilation? – Amir B. Marvasti and Karyn D. McKinney
Minority, Black and Non-Black People of Color: ‘New’ Color-Blind Racism and the US Small Business Administration’s Approach to Minority Business Lending in the Post-Civil Rights Era – Tamara K. Nopper
Roots of Civil Rights Politics in Northern Churches: Black Migration to Saginaw, Michigan 1915 to 1960 – Willie McKether

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