Health Care Employment Projections: An Analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Projections 2010-2020

Source: Center for Health Workforce Studies, March 2012

This study analyzes projected national growth in the health sector and in health occupations and is based on an analysis of the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 10-year occupational and industry projections for employment in the United States, which are released every two years. The Center’s analysis focused on the most significant data related to health sector and health occupations employment and highlights the increasing importance of the health sector to the U.S. economy.

The Center found that despite the recent economic downturn, jobs in health care grew while jobs in other sectors declined. Between 2010 and 2020, jobs in the health care sector are projected to grow by 30%, more than twice as fast as the general economy and consistent with findings from previous analyses of BLS projections conducted by the Center.

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