ARL Annual Salary Survey 2010-2011

Source: Martha Kyrillidou, Shaneka Morris, Association of Research Libraries, December 2011
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From the press release:
The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published the ARL Annual Salary Survey 2010-2011, which analyzes salary data for all professional staff working in 125 ARL member libraries during 2010-2011. Data are reported for 10,037 professional staff in the 115 university ARL libraries and for 3,709 professional staff in the 10 non-university ARL libraries.

The median salary for US ARL university libraries in 2010 was $65,000, an increase of 1.5% over the 2009-2010 median salary of $64,069. This modest salary increase compared favorably to the severe economic contraction of the same period, when the US CPI rose just 1.2%. The experience of academic librarians in Canada was more favorable. While the Canadian CPI rose 1.8%, median salaries in Canadian university libraries increased 2.0%, from $80,654 to $82,251 (Canadian dollars).

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