Access and Funding in Public Higher Education– the 2011 National Survey

Source: Stephen G. Katsinas, Mark M. D’Amico, and Janice N. Friedel, The University of Alabama, September 15, 2011

For Next Year…
– Students and families are squeezed as tuition is predicted to rise by twice the inflation rate AND 29 states predict flat-funding or cuts in state-student aid programs.
– Access institutions are squeezed, as most states cut operating budgets for flagship universities, regional universities, and community colleges.
– High unemployment has exhausted available WIA and other workforce training funds in 21 states.
– To prepare for economic competitiveness as recession ends, funds are needed to expand high demand programs tied to higher wage jobs in allied health, engineering, and IT at community colleges.
– Colleges are pushed to offer/expand “quick” job training in non-credit areas.
– Access threats are acute in large states with fast-growing minority populations.
– Predicted operating budget cuts come as enrollments are predicted to rise at community colleges in 2 of 3 states.
– Funding facilities construction and renovation is identified as a major need in 48 states.

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