Academic Library Trends, 1998-2008

Source: Denise M. Davis, American Library Association, July 2011

The National Center for Education Statistics in collaboration with the academic library community conducts a biennial survey that captures information about libraries in all degree‐granting colleges and universities including location, hours of operation, staffing, types of services offered, collection type and size, and questions to understand trends in their impact. These data are then reported by institutional characteristics such as public or private, degree‐granting level, size (full‐time equivalent enrollment) and, Carnegie Classification.

Consideration of all data reported were made, and it was determined that core library operating components would best demonstrate change during the period of analysis. The summary findings presented in this report demonstrate the influence of technology on academic library expenditures, collections and services and that use is not less, just different. Analysis of data reported between 1998 and 2008 provide insight into changes in 2008 from 1998 that are not as prominent when reviewing findings in closer

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