A Bright Future for the Heartland

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists, July 2011

From the summary:
The Benefits of a Clean Energy Economy for the Midwest by 2030

Job Creation:
85,700 net new jobs from deploying renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies

Economic Development:
$40.9 billion in new capital investment, $1 billion in new income for farmers and rural landowners, and $3.5 billion in new local tax revenues

Consumer Savings:
$42.8 billion in lower electricity and natural gas bills

Diversified Energy Mix:
63,000 megawatts of capacity for generating electricity from non-hydro renewable resources (up from 13,300 megawatts in 2010)

Climate Solutions:
Reductions in global warming pollution from power plants equal to the annual emissions from 30 typical new coal plants

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