States as Model Employers: Strategies for Moving People with Disabilities into Careers in State Government

Source: Savannah Barnett and Kathy Krepcio, NTAR Leadership Center, Issue Brief, Number 5, January 2011

Over the past decade, states have implemented many programs to increase the employment of people with disabilities in private-sector jobs. Recently, a number of governors have recognized the importance of increasing employment and work opportunities for people with disabilities within state government as well as other county and municipal agencies. State government agencies nationwide employ more than five million full- and part-time workers and are one of the largest employers in numerous communities. In many instances, these jobs pay competitive wages, ranging from entry-level positions to high-level professional opportunities, and provide good benefits. This brief examines the practices that states are using to become “model employers,” including strategies being implemented to expand the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities within state government agencies.

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