Governance Challenges and Options for State and Local Governments

Source: Bruce J. Perlman, State and Local Government Review, Vol. 42 no. 3, December 2010
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There is little new in a view that State and Local Governments are having a difficult time during what has come to be called the Great Recession. What is new is the endeavor to understand the dimensions and key factors in what is a global crisis for State and Local Governments in the United States. An innovative approach would be to attempt to explain the dynamics of this crisis facing State and Local governments and look for ways to address it. Accordingly, we decided to take up the effort and examine the challenges for Governance at the State and Local levels in our current situation of sustained economic downturn and look at how they might be addressed. This is an undertaking that is likely to provoke thought in those interested in how we govern the non-Federal parts of our government in the United States and that, ultimately, may raise as many questions as it answers.

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